Holistic Healing

People must make a commitment to change, heal and grow, show up for the healing work on their own behalf. Making a commitment is a life altering experience. It requires patience and perseverance to unfold and move towards embracing wellness, so we must not leave before the miracle happens. Remember it takes four to six weeks to change an energetic pattern. There are clients who have undergone therapeutic processes of conventional talk therapy; the healing has not been thorough. Talking and telling our stories are good, necessary and releasing, but the work must reach deeper than the words, the work has to become a living organism, one that thoroughly uproots embedded wounds. It has to be a holistic process that integrates the whole person, body, mind and soul. The healing force has to move pass the periphery, delving into those places that are soiled and forgotten. Most often, it isn’t neat and pretty, but it’s a complete healing that reveals its masterpieces. When I was a therapist becoming shamanized, I was taught to know in a way that engaged all my palpable sensations, not only to be familiar with the ordinary terrain that I was working with. A holistic approach summons the forces of creation to hold space where the healing opportunity arrives in the moment, and being present for the glory of the work. This exquisite approach of the shaman allows the prayer to enter into every part of the body and the sacred rituals breaks open the husks around the psyche. The shaman is flow and movement. Her prayers are the dance, the shaman’s source is the dance, and the shaman finds the answers and secures the healing when she becomes the dance; for in that moment she becomes nothing and sacrifices herself in the Ocean of the Divine.

Much of our illness occurs because our soul has not had a chance to speak, dance, sing, to respond. We are living apart from our souls. A complete holistic approach to wellness gives more power to the healer to hold space for the splendid human being before me who is actually doing the healing. We are our own healers!

Shamanic cultures have existed for more than 50,000 years and the shaman as the first psychologist/healer has maintained a primary role as caretaker of the soul. The shaman heals through many fundamental processes. Shamanic healing utilizes a variety of spiritual/holistic methods that support the mind-body-soul to tap into its healing mechanism through: