Invoking the Spirit Dancing Winds of the Seven Directions

Many native traditions invoke the directions using different words, power animals or spirit guides, and colors. In my invocation I pay homage to the three worlds lower-Earth, upper –heaven and middle- shaman within. Then I invoke the winds of the four portals, south, west, north and east. The fullness of this integration equals the seven directions.

Some cultures work mostly with the four portals and some salute even more; it is all good. Respect the beauty of each tradition. The more you invoke the directions the more you will take on the rhythm of their quality. Allow yourself to resonate with and hear the directions speaking their language through you; recognize their voices in the wind and make them your own. The directions are spiraling energetic consciousness. They see you. They witness the movements of your life. I beckon these Winds to sanction the work that I am about to do, to provide protection, to call on the forces of all the medicine healers that have gone before me and who make it possible for my own existence and healing work.

The Spirit Dancing Winds remind me that this work is bigger than myself and that a vortex of energy accompanies my every endeavor. The winds presence signals that I am being heard and what I call in with respect, may be made manifest. When you need assistance, learn to call on a particular direction and its special attributes of power, that addresses your specific situation or need. For example, if you are buying a house the south holds prosperity and planting seeds, the future. This direction can assist you in your endeavor.

Every religion speaks of angels, spirit guides, protectors, etc., that are housed in the portals. Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are the angels who represent the four directions in the Hebrew tradition. My invocation is called the dance of the seven directions and I have choreographed movements that flow with the feeling I experience with a particular direction. Whirling counter-clockwise (this particular kind of whirling opens you to the realm of mystery) I invoke and feel for their presence and response.