Soul Centers

Chakras are the vortices where our personal system of energy intersects and is informed by spirit. The word chakra is a Hindu word, however, all indigenous people were aware of these energy vortexes and referred to them by different names.

Ancient Kemetic people referred to these energy centers or chakras as soul centers. Because the soul is the care of the shaman, and soul loss is the foremost reason for one’s illness in shamanic medicine, soul centers are the names that I have chosen to use to describe these vortexes. Referring to the wheels as soul centers best highlights the healing process of shamanistic work.

For healing to occur, we must work with the core energetic structures of the body: soul centers that need realigning. The most important kind of healing is in disinhibiting the body’s own healing mechanism, through working with the soul centers, healing is accelerated. The energetic structures are the network through which mind, body, and soul intermingle as a whole system. In the process of shamanic healing work, dense energy must be cleared from the auric field. Green or blue Kyanite is an excellent crystal to clear stagnation. Not only does Kyanite clear the centers but it will seal any energy gaps (leakages) that may have been created by accidents or trauma in the past, that have still not been healed. Hold the stone at the heart center; the energy will flow both up to the higher chakras and down to the Earth chakras where it will ground any excess energy. The heart tunes all the soul centers it informs them all.

There are seven major chakras. Purportedly there are hundreds of secondary energy centers; everything alive has chakras. For example a tree has one enormous soul center, the next time you are out tree hugging, vibe and shape shift into the tree’s core. In my shamanic training, I have been taught to work with nine major soul centers within the human energy field.