The Soul's Remergence

From the shaman’s perspective, these un-hooked or split-off parts of the soul live in another atmosphere a “non- ordinary” yet parallel reality and are accessible to those familiar with the spiritual scenery of these other worldly domains. The shaman recognizes that many realms have common characteristics and co-exist in the same space.

Quantum physics refers to this as parallel worlds or reality. Linear time is an illusion and there is no one fixed reality. Shamans understand this and so they access different dimensions when a tear is created in linear time.
The shaman classifies life as holding three realms of existence, which we can dip into by heightening our awareness to a level of what they call second attention. indianThis is the attention that transcends this ordinary world of mundane reality. These worlds are the same ones that flow through you when you are invoking the seven directions.

I will reiterate them once again. The first realm
is the upper world, where our star brothers and sister, mama kiya moon, enti grandfather sun, angelic forces, live. The middle Earth is where
the pachamama, mama aisa, gaia, onile, takes up residence along with our tree relatives, rock ancestors, two-legged, four-legged, winged, finned, furred, creepers; the underworld, the urupacha is the domain of ancestor spirits, power animals and guides; the gate keeper here is known as Wascar—this is the place where the lost souls are most often held for safekeeping. The shaman has the maps to these worlds and will search throughout to retrieve the soul. These can be dangerous terrain and must be negotiated with the utmost impeccability and skill.

Female shamans are the most adept in soul retrieval because they know the mystery of Earth; they embody the feminine energy and Earth is the archetypal feminine. The journey to retrieve the lost soul is a magnificent crossing filled with passion, insight, clarity, and power. It is also an awesome journey, one that requires daring, skill, wisdom, respect, maturity and integrity.

Soul retrieval work facilitates the reunification of the whole self. Soul retrieval assists one in healing by reconnecting the soul to the sacred temple of its desire. It takes us to the bone, that which is eternal in us; for it is bone-deep work. Re-association is bring back the loss pieces of yourself. Soul retrieval is a process of shamanic journeying to the sound of drumming, rattling and even breath alone can be used, sinking into trance states, exploring other worlds to retrieve the soul from the underworld, working with the chakras to cleanse any dense matter and align them in preparation for the soul’s return. (“time and space are relative in the shamanic belief. In shamanic journeying (ritual) you are not bound by rules of matter/the physical form but instead follow the rules of energy.”)

The chakra’s are a Hindu word, but all people have them. As a matter of fact, everything alive has chakras. Ancient Kemetic/Egyptian people referred to these energy centers or chakras as soul centers. Because the soul is the care of the shaman, and soul loss is the foremost reason for one’s illness in shamanic medicine, soul centers is the name that I have chosen to use to describe these energy centers and it best highlights the healing process of shamanistic work. Each culture has its own unique and skillful way to catch loss souls. And some do this without drumming or journeying which has been the most popular teachings in my experience. Filipino shamans catch souls in his book, ways of the ancient healer, Virgil has this to say: Lola Kako’s process for soul retrieval is to take a handful of uncooked rice and salt, wrap them in a cloth, and then use it to “wipe” the patient. This was done to remove any entities and purify the body. After she retrieves the soul and directs it to return to the physical body, she takes dirt and rubs the sign of the cross on the patient’s soles to end the treatment. The use of earth is for protection and harmonizing the patient’s spirit and the vibrational energy with that of the land. X marks have always been a form of talisman form protection.”

There are different techniques to bring about the re-emergence of the soul. The one that reverberates (resonates, connects waxes poetically) with me most effectively is from the Inca tradition. This one works with illuminating the soul centers of the body, putting them in balance, harmonizing them and healing first before the soul is returned. (Top)