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Everyday Spirituality Level One
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Mystery of the Female Orgasm
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Everyday Spirituality | Level One  (Top)

This workshop is about connecting to your soul’s longing to be immersed in a spiritual practice that will bring fulfillment, prosperity, health and joy into your life. If you can just enter the sacred pause for a moment and remove the distractions long enough to witness the beauty of Spirit unfolding and manifesting! In this full day magical experiential workshop you will explore meditation, chanting and chakra clearing from different spiritual practices around the world. Additionally we will learn other sacred rituals to invoke spirit guides and remove obstacles from your path.

Healing at the Feet of Your Ancestors  (Top)

This workshop is for men and women wishing to break destructive patterns
and have a happier life, for therapist working with Family Constellation, Sexual Abuse Trauma, Domestic Violence and other forms of trauma.

Working with the spiritual energy of the ancestors will allow participants to explore concepts, fears, spiritual beliefs, and confusion around the process of death and dying. Within this work there is an in credible gift made available in healing your soul of its deep-seated wound. Heal the unresolved traumas on an ancestral level so they will not show up in your life or in future generations. As the healing takes place in the ancestor field, as you heal the soul wound, or family soul, you heal seven generations past and seven yet to come. This healing releases you and allows for healing and fulfillment to manifest in your life.

Health Is Our Greatest Wealth  (Top)

This one day workshop will explore healthy lifestyles to keep you strong, self-sufficient and sound, so that your in a position to enjoy your life to the fullest every day, every moment, in every way. Such topics that will be discussed are healthy organic food choices, strenthening your memory, exercise for the heart, body and soul, natural safe alternative to prescription drugs, having pleasurable sex now and long into your later years, how to boost your immune system to counteract disease, meditation relaxation techniques and the power of sound sleep.

Mending The Soul Wounds  (Top)

This workshop is for women to gather for multiple days to learn Afrikan and Native American wisdom teachings to mend their soul wounds. The environment will provide a safe and sacred ceremonial space that will allow them to access deep healing on cellular levels.

Mystery of the Female Orgasm  (Top)

This is a sacred workshop for women to help you connect with your divine feminine while cultivating healthy sexual expressions.

Sacred Sex: The Divine Path Into the Heart of Love  (Top)

For thousands of years sexual union was practiced as a sacred act by ancient cultures. It was known as a devine tool for achieving transcendence and as a route to God/Godess. An integration of these eclectic teachings and the spiritual principles, will enhance your sexual experience as you learn to honor the Devine mirroring within yourself and your partner. As a result of integrating sacred sexual experiences, your vibrational energy heightens reaching towards infinity, dipping into a deep communion with existance itself.

Shaman's Breath  (Top)

Shaman's Breath is an experiential workshop exploring the dynamic power of healing through accessing the vital energy of the soul centers. The workshop unearths the indiginous teachings relating to the powerful soul centers (chakras) within the human energy field. We will utilize drumming, sacred ceremonies and primal dancing to balance and revitalize the soul centers. Shamans believe that dancing puts the souls in motion and allows for exquisite healing to occur.

Shamanic Cord Cutting  (Top)

As our vibrational frequencies heighten and we move towards an evolutionary leap in new human consciousness thru shifting old paradigms, it is time to cut the cords from the people, places, and memories that no longer serve us. Energetic cords bind us to old patterns, negative toxic emotions, relationships and ways of being.

The Shamanic Cord Cutting workshop is an experiential shamanic journey! In this workshop/fire ceremony cords are cut, people are forgiven and through this process your souls highest essence is returned to you. The process of cutting the energetic cords liberates you from the past in amazing ways that will empower you to move forward on your sacred path.

Shamanistic Soul (Chakra) Centering Readings,
Clearing and Healing

As we move ever deeper into the frequencies opening us to embrace a new human conciousness, it is important that our energy bodies be in proper alignment with Earth Mama. To assist with this transformation I am giving
Soul (Chakra) Readings to facilitate those who want to take their spiritual practice to a higher level. Embrace wholeness by releasing the things that no longer serve you.